Ionized Water

Ionization is the process of purifying drinking water. In this process it breaks the acid and alkaline content found in water and the water has to go through the process of electrolysis. When the drinking water is successfully ionized it increases the ability in carrying oxygen to the blood cells.
It is not possible for all types of water to be ionized. Water that is distilled goes through reverse osmosis and doesn’t respond to electrolysis as the acid and alkaline contents become negligible.

Benefits of Ionized Water

It provides 3-6 times hydration compared to other types of water.
Ionized water helps in various types of skin conditions as it maintains the balance of fluid in skin tissues and therefore prevents from dry skin problems like itching, flaking and sunburns.
Ionized water is rich in vitamin A, C and E. This water has electrons and carries oxygen and therefore these electrons increases the immune system of the body.
These electrons also help in preventing premature aging.
Since the water is high in electrons it gives additional energy and people tend to be more active on a regular basis.
Ionized water also increases the taste of food.

Water Ionizer

Water ionizer is an electronic filter that is generally connected to the kitchen water for low voltage electrolysis on tap water which is used for cooking and drinking. Water is let out into the faucet with the help of a plastic tube into the water ionizer further inside the water ionizer the water is filtered through charcoal. All the impurities are taken out from the water. The water that is filtered passes into an equipped which is coated with platinum-titanium electrodes and this is where the process of electrolysis takes place and we get ionized water. Therefore it is suggested to use ionized water as it benefits health with its qualities.

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