Vitamin Water

Vitamin Water
Water and Vitamin are two most important components for the body and without them our body would not be able to function well. The human body needs a lot of water and other such substances, without which the body would suffer from deficiencies therefore a combination of water and vitamin would be the right combination for the body.

Facts about Vitamin Water

The combination of water and vitamin known as a�?vitamin watera�? has a few ingredients that go into it and it is sold in bottles. One bottle of vitamin water contains 32.5 grams of sugar and this acts only as a source of energy but doesn’t have any health benefits ans it contains 125 grams of calories. This water has been compared to regular water. Very lately vitamin water has been promoted through pro grammes, advertisements and posters.

There are a lot of facts that force us to think of vitamin water is good for health. Vitamin is divided in two categories. The first one is water soluble and the second one is fat soluble therefore vitamin b and c are fat soluble and easily enters the bloodstream through water and vitamins A, D and E are fat soluble which means that they get dissolved in fat as well and they get into the blood to carry out other functions. They are dissolved in fat like meal.
It has also been observed that if a person stays empty stomach and takes vitamin E for two weeks it increases the concentration in the blood stream a little and if a person takes dinner and then has supplement of vitamin E the concentration of blood increases to 84 percent. The sweetness in vitamin water is because of cornstarch. Its stated that additional sugar can get addictive which is not a good sign as the body doesn’t need that much of sugar. Its just that vitamin water has been hyped and people who don’t have much information about it think it good for health and it adds up more to the promotion as its been promoted by famous celebrities. Therefore it is always safe to have water that is pure and safe without any supplements dissolved in it.

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