Percentage of Water in the Body

The human body is 68.8% of water by weight and other percentage is protein which is 16.6%, fat is 14.9% and nitrogen is 13.3%. If we take the average body weight of a man who is 70 kg the water in his body would be approximately 40 liters which comes to an average of 57 kg of his body weight and in adult women fat makes up more of the body weight as compared to men therefore 55% of their body contains water and in an infant it would be 75% of the body weight. The percentage goes down as a person is aging. There are other factors due to which the percentage of water would decrease such as obesity, age and population.

There are a few facts about water that one should know

  • An adults body contains 70% of water
  • For infants nearly 80% of their body weight is water
  • A person should drink three gallons of water in a day
  • Water intoxication happens when water dilutes the sodium in the blood stream and this reduces water level in the brain
  • People who are athlete are more prone to water intoxication during their performance
  • To much of consumption of tea, coffee which contains caffeine should be avoided as this prevents the water from traveling to other parts of the body
  • Water is the only liquid that dissolves other substances and carries nutrients and chemicals

Since water is the most important element, the human body requires it the most. Without water the body would dehydrate fast and this would invite a lot of health problems. The consumption of water should be at least 2-3 liters in a day.

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