Water Damage Restoration

Water Damage Restoration is the process to restore water to a condition after it is sustained to a level of water damage. There are two certified bodies that regulate this work. The IICRC and RIA and these two bodies work on a given standard and gather information from reliable sources. The S500 is a water damage guide which would be further updated with the latest information.

A water damage service includes the checking of the affected areas with special sensing equipments and they also check how serious the damage is which are the other areas that are affected. Water restoration is provided to residence in order to sanitize the affected areas. After a couple of days the work is completed and checking is done to monitor the drying process, and those machines that are not further needed is removed to keep the high cost under control.

Different Types of Water Damage:

Water damage varies on how seriously water is affected by pollution.

  • Water that comes from a clean source includes water from broken water pipe lines, water from toilet tanks, faucets and bottled water. Though this water is from a clean source but it very quickly gets contaminated into bad water.
  • Water from contaminates which causes illness or discomfort. This type of water includes water from washing machine, water from toilets that over flows and water from dishwasher over flow.
  • Water in this category is insanities and causes sever illness and death. This is another form of polluted or contaminated water. Its sources are from sewage, water from toilet bowls and feces and water that over flows from rivers and lakes and still water that supports bacteria and other germs.
  • Final Inspection:

    Once the basic checking is done for temperature and moisture as per the industry standards the water restoration equipment is taken out and the water damage restoration process is complete. Many people use their own personnel water damage restoration equipments to save cost.

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