Saltwater Fish

So you have got your saltwater aquarium ready but are confused about what kinds of fish would be best to start with? There are a variety of saltwater fishes available in the market. Depending on your requirement and choice, you can choose to buy your favourite saltwater fishes. Fishes adapted to saltwater are different from fishes adapted to freshwater. They have different needs and requirements.

Initially, you might want to buy fish that are inexpensive. Just in case anything goes wrong with your saltwater aquarium, you wouldn’t have to bother too much about the money spent on buying the fish. Once you are sure that the equipment is working fine and the water conditions are perfect for the fish to survive, you can get your favourite saltwater fishes.

Some of the most popular saltwater fishes are:


Most marine hobbyists suggest that at an initial stage, damsels are the the best fishes to be introduced to your aquarium. These fish are robust and can survive in harsh water conditions. They cost less compared to other saltwater fish. Damsels tend to be aggressive at times. This is not a good sign if you plan to introduce more fish to the aquarium. One or two damsels can co-exist peacefully.


Mollies can easily adapt to the saltwater level in your aquarium. They are a good choice for the a�?Initial fisha�? category.Mollies are shy and delicate. Care should be taken to avoid pairing mollies with aggressive fish.


Clownfish are territorial but do not show signs of aggression. Most of the clownfish available in the market are raised in captivity.


These are small fish which are very effective in controlling algae. They can be introduced to the aquarium anytime and get along well with other fishes.


Tangs are priced quite reasonably compared to other saltwater fish. They feed on algae and are effective in controlling it. In the absence of algae, they can be fed with leafy greens.


These fishes are carnivorous and aggressive. They should be fed with fish that they consume in their natural habitat. They are best suited for large aquariums as they are territorial and need space to swim around.


These fishes are very delicate and require a lot of care. They need special food and are not easily adapted to captivity. Opt for these fishes only if you are very passionate about them and can devote time and attention.

Other examples of saltwater fishes are:

  • Angler
  • Cardinal
  • Drumfish
  • Hogfish
  • Seahorse
  • Trigger

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