Saltwater Aquariums

Maintaining an aquarium requires a lot of patience and care. If you have a penchant for marine life, there are many options to choose from for setting up your own personal aquarium. There are two types of aquarium. They are:

  • Freshwater aquarium
  • Saltwater aquarium

Freshwater aquariums are common. They are suitable for freshwater fish found in lakes, ponds and rivers. Saltwater fish are collected from oceans and seas. They are used to saline water conditions and can only survive in saltwater.

Setting up a saltwater aquarium


The aquarium equipment available in the market is mostly suitable for both freshwater and saltwater aquariums. Saltwater aquariums need a hydrometer along with special gravel (Coral mix) and sea salt mix. The quality of the equipment you buy is very important. Inferior quality equipment may affect the salt water fishes which are very sensitive compared to fresh water fishes.

Fish tank

A larger tank is always preferred for saltwater aquariums. Medium size houses can have a smaller tank to suit their budget and space. Larger tanks are better as a few saltwater fish tend to be territorial. This also gives space for the other fishes to swim around.


A few examples of saltwater fish are Angel, Angler, Anthias, Basslet, Batfish, Butterfly, Cardinal, Clown, Damsel, Drumfish, Hogfish etc. You can also have invertebrates but they tend to be more sensitive to any slight variations in the water condition.

After setting up your saltwater aquarium, it is advisable to run it for a day to check for the water temperature, salt and chemical levels. Only when everything seems right, introduce the fish to the tank.


  • Avoid using tap water. De-chlorinated water is advisable.
  • Avoid using soap or soap based cleaning agents to clean the tank or any of its equipment.
  • Saltwater causes rusting of metal objects. Care should be taken to avoid usage of any metal objects in your saltwater aquarium.
  • Try and gather as much information possible about saltwater aquariums. Meet people who own or maintain saltwater aquariums. This will help a great deal in perfecting and maintaining a beautiful saltwater aquarium.

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