Fluoride Water Filters

A fluoride water filter prevents dental flurosis.The word a�?flurosisa�? means when the teeth become brown and pitted. Fluoride is injected through drinking water and other sources which results in dental florosis.
There are many reasons why one should install fluoride water filters. Fluoride water may include other toxic minerals like lead, mercury and arsenic. A lot of scientists have supported the use of fluoride in water. Many of us would not really be aware of the impurities that are dissolved in the water therefore the use of this simple device can prevent many problems.

When it comes to choosing the right water filter, one has to know which of them is specially designed to remove such elements as not all water filters come with special fluoride filters. There are 2 main types of fluoride water filter: The first filter is the inexpensive and simple one comes with a countertop that is attached to a tap and lets you switch between the tap and the filtered waters. The second filter is to fit directly under the tap and other than these fluoride water filters there are other specialised ones that can be installed in the plumbing that has a few outlets which can be used for multiple purpose.
There are a few filters that state that it removes fluoride.Some type of filters remove fluoride from water and include alumina and SIR-900 is a synthetic aluminium oxide absorbs the impurities. Processes like distillation and chlorination of water doesn’t remove fluoride nor any kind of mechanical filtration device.
About 90% of fluoride is removed from drinking water by reverse osmosis water filter. Even today water filters that remove fluoride are available in many models and chlorine fluoride water filter is also one of the best ones available in the market.

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