Causes of Water Pollution

Today water pollution is the major concern for many of us. Nearly 70% of the earth’s surface is surrounded with water and it is the most precious resource on our planet. Water comprises of two main components: oxygen and hydrogen which is very important for plants, animals and human beings. We are all aware that we are the ones to be blamed for causing water pollution. The lakes rivers and oceans are all polluted and we have destroyed plants and other organisms who depend on water as the only source of food and energy. An imbalance in the environment has been created because of this.

Causes of Water Pollution:

There are 2 main sources of water pollution, direct and indirect source. Since we are living in a concrete world there are many factories, industries and refineries that have developed and are dumping their waste and are polluting the water bodies. This destroys all the minerals which is important for aquatic life.Since many factories dump their wastes this creates a layer on the surface of water and doesn’t allow sunlight to go deeper because of which the life below gets destroyed.
Water pollution is also caused by heavy rains.When it rains heavy it sweeps away all the silt and soil and washes off the fields, construction, and eroded rivers.This slowly fills all the water bodies and contaminates the water which is not fit to drink for animals, human beings and plants. This creates an imbalance in the environment and also impacts growth of all living creatures.
Another cause of water pollution is caused by oil refineries. When people drill for oil a lot of radioactive substance is created which spills in the sea it causes a risk to aquatic life.
Water pollution is also caused by pathogens which are organisms like bacteria, viruses, and protozoan. These organisms travel through sewage, septic tanks, water from farms and get mixed with drinking water and cause many diseases.

Solution for Water Pollution:

Since we are aware of the causes of water pollution it high time we take a step and make a conscious effort to over come this problem. The government has started various techniques like educating people on how to use water and dispose harmful waste so that they don’t cause a problem to aquatic plants and animals. Since water is the major source that carries many disease people should boil and filter water for drinking. More number of trees should be grown as they prevent soil erosion.

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