What is Water?

What is Water:

Water is the most common substance found on earth. It covers over 70% of the earth’s surface. It is very easy to find. It is easily found in deserts as well, only if a proper search is made.
It is believed by scientists that the quantity of water present on earth has not changed overtime. It can be also said that the water present on earth today is the same as it was at the time of Jurassic Era.

Chemically Speaking:

The chemical formula for water is

H2O (2 hydrogen atoms, 1 oxygen atom)

. It is made up of tiny atoms that are not visible to the naked eye. Atoms are formed together to form molecules. These molecules are vast in numbers. There are millions of molecules in a drop of water.

3 States of Water:

Environmentally, Water is found in 3 states-

Solid, Liquid and Gas

. The 3 states of water depend on the increase and decrease of temperature.

Water as a Solid

Water is found in solid state in form of ice. It is when the temperature falls below 0 degree Celsius or 32 degree Fahrenheit. It is also known as the freezing point.

Water as a Liquid

A change in temperature reduces water to liquid from solid state. When the temperature is raised above 0 degree Celsius, the solid water starts to melts and comes back to its original liquid form.

Water as a Gas

Water turns to gaseous state when it is kept at temperatures about 100 degree Celsius or 212 degree Fahrenheit. It is known as melting point of water. Water turns into vapour state and turns into a cloud.


Water is used in every aspect of life. It is also known as the elixir (cure) of life. Right from washing hands to washing clothes or bathing to drinking, it is found everywhere. There are innumerable uses of water. Bathing, drinking, washing clothes and utensils, propelling engines, washing hands, transportation, generating power, etc. Are few of the many uses of water.

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